Crafty Baby

As I mentioned in my last blog it was discovering that I was pregnant that re-ignited my love of craft. I thought I would use this blog to share some of my baby related projects.

Shawls:Pi Shawl

This is my version of the Starburst Pi Shawl using Schoppel-Wolle Crazy Zauberball (4ply) in Frische Fische. It was a lovely and surprisingly easy pattern to knit (once you got over the initial cast on).

vortex pi shawl

I love bright colours for babies but I had several friends complain and tell me I should be knitting things in pastels and creams so the vortex pi shawl above was my concession to them, and also because I got a little bit obsessed with pi shawls. Again the pattern looks a lot more complicated than it actually is.

Granny square blankets look wonderful in cots but as my mum had already started work on some of these for me I went for something a bit different for the ones I was going to make (you can never have too many blankets!). The two crochet blankets below are sized to fit a Moses basket, car seat or pram and were made to my own designs.

Turtle blanket

rainbow ripple blanket

I was given a copy of Nicki Trench’s “Cute and Easy Crocheted Baby Clothes” for Christmas and used this as the starting point for the outfits below. I had to adapt the patterns a fair bit in order to get them to work for me, this may have something to do with the fact that I have a very odd style of crocheting which looks more like knitting so my tension is completely up the spout most of the time. I also injected a bit of a 70s vibe into the designs which I’m hoping crafty baby won’t hate me for when she grows up.

crochet frock 1

purple tunic


Once I’d knocked these up I thought I’d have a go at designing some of my own outfits and came up with a crocheted dress and shrug.

red and green crochet


One of my main reasons for making quite of few of crafty baby’s outfits myself is that I had chosen to use real nappies (terry towelling squares at that) so most modern baby clothes don’t fit her properly as they don’t allow for a giant bottom. These are a few more of the dresses I made to get around this problem.

Octopuss dress

Candy Stripe Dress

Mustard dress

I have made a whole host of other things for the baby but I think that is enough for now, I might post some of the others at a later date and I’m sure there will be more to come in the future.


About themanyknitsofnadine

Interested in all things crafty, I knit, spin, sew, crochet, quilt, grow my own and bake (although the baking these days is all allergy friendly) and I try and blog about all these things. I also host a bi-weekly podcast on incorporating slow living into all my crafty adventures
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One Response to Crafty Baby

  1. You are certainly keeping yourself busy with crafting lots of lovely things for your new arrival. She is a very lucky little mite.

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