Welsh adventures

I have just returned from a wonderful weekend camping in Wales, it meant that I had to miss Woolfest this year but as my OH had booked the trip to celebrate our anniversary I couldn’t complain too much. Now the idea of camping with a small baby (17 weeks) seemed more than a bit daunting when we first booked it, but this was no ordinary camping trip, I guess you could call it glamping!


I had looked down my nose a bit at the idea previously but once I had the baby and realised just how much stuff we were going to have to cart around with us I changed my mind. It wasn’t glamping to the extreme that some people can go to we just stayed in a tipi/ tepee that came with futons for sleeping on, a log burning fire and everything you needed to do a small amount of cooking/ make a brew. In theory it slept 5 adults but with just 2 of us and a baby in it we had an amazing amount of space – being able to just drive the pram straight in to the tent was fantastic.


We didn’t get up to anything too rock and roll whilst we were there (gone are our days of staying out all night clubbing – not that I think I every really had those) it was mostly grown up sight seeing, walking and a spot of crafting.

This is crafty baby on her first trip to the seaside (after dragging the pram across a good 100 yards of shingle)

This is the view from the castle looking back over Criccieth itself

Sadly I didn’t get any pictures of the local Cadwaladers ice cream as I was too busy eating it to get the camera out, but if you are ever in the area you must try the Turkish Delight flavour it is my new favourite ice cream! I did however take time to get a snap of the Welsh apple cake we had in a nice little tea shop, mainly as a reminder to ask my mum for a recipe for a very similar cake she used to make for us years ago.

I had planned to get massive amounts of knitting done in the car on the journey over to Wales but these plans were scuppered by the only baby in the history of mankind who doesn’t like car travel. The 5 hour journey was a little bit of a challenge but we made it eventually, not much knitting was completed though as I was busy singing, clapping, waving toys, and about 1 million other things in an attempt to pacify crafty baby. As we had only taken small wind up lamps with us there wasn’t really enough light to knit by on an evening either so it was lucky that I had taken my drop spindle and some fibre with me. Whilst my OH sat with his head torch on reading the book he’d taken with him I was stood by the log burner spinning what turned out to be the finest yarn I have ever spun!

Here I am spinning (not the most flattering of photos)

And this is what the spinning looked like once I’d done it

As I said at the beginning I knew I would be missing Woolfest so in order not to miss out on yarny goodness completely I asked the wonderful world of twitter if anyone knew of any local yarn shops near where I would be staying. I ended up with a recommendation for 3 of which 2 stocked handspun yarn so I was very excited. I managed to find all 3 but in the end I didn’t buy any yarn, instead I came home with some new fibre for spinning but rather unusually its made out of crab* shells! Given that I was at the seaside I couldn’t really pass it by and the hand dyed colours on it were beautiful.
crab fibre

All in all we had a wonderful time and I have already put in a request with my OH for a return trip before the end of the year.

*I suspect that this may not be the most environmentally friendly fibre as I have a feeling that it might be a rather chemical heavy process to convert the shells in to fibre suitable for spinning but I need to do more research to find out exactly impact and sustainability implications are.


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