Focaccia and finished objects

I finished the scarf I’ve been making for my sister for Christmas, and here it is;

andrea scarf

I’m really pleased with it (although please excuse my double chin in the picture I was laughing like a fish wife as my OH was trying to take the photo whilst simultaneously being punched in the face by Crafty Baby). The scarf is made from King Cole Galaxy DK yarn in the Ruby colourway that I bought from Black Sheep Wools a few weeks ago. Its a pattern I worked out myself (its so easy it feels a bit pretentious to say “designed”). I may get round to writing it down and posting it at some point as I tried to keep notes as I was going along, I just need to do the final measurements for it. Fingers crossed that she likes it, but if not I’d be more than happy to keep it for myself.

On the needles:

Other than the sock of doom I haven’t really got any personal knitting on the go at the moment. I have just signed up for a second batch of contract knitting though. Even though I know the yarn won’t be staying in my stash I still get excited when I get the parcels in the post. Here is what turned up this week;

monochrome yarn

A giant pile of monochrome yarn porn in my opinion.

I did also fish my yarn bowl out this week. It came from one of the stalls at Woolfest last year but unfortunately I don’t know which one as it was a present from my MIL. When I’d used it before I was working with commercially wound balls of wool which would just leap out of the bowl and end up rolling around the floor anyway but using the yarn for my contract knitting that I had wound in to balls myself (by hand – oh how I dream of a ball winder!) it made life so much easier, the balls stayed in the bowl and it looks so much prettier than a freezer bag or an old sweet jar.

yarn bowl


I’ve only bought one knitting related item this week and that is Hatopia by Woolly Wormhead. Its a limited edition ebook which features 10 Wolly Wormhead hat patterns. Sales of the ebook are part of the fundraising campaign to Save Mutonia, the artists’ community in Norhtern Italy where she lives, a very worthy cause and an absultely bargain to boot. If you want to know more about the campaign see here. It was only £9 and I have already seen a pattern in it that I would like to knit for myself and at least another 2 that I’m hoping to do as gifts in the near future.


I’ve been playing with the microwave again, this week I decided to attempt deliberately create specific colours. I wanted solid (ish) greens and browns. I got this;

dye batch 2

Not quite what I had planned! Having said that I do really like the colours that I have ended up with, the purple/ brown is my favourite. As I only have three colours of dye (red, yellow and blue) I may have been unrealistic in my aims but I thought mixing them to the colours I wanted before using them to dye the fleece might work. As you can see it didn’t really, the individual pigments seemed to separate out in the process (the take up of the yellow one was a lot more difficult than the other 2 for some reason). I had planned on doing some more this week but my OH used up all the white vinegar pickling some beetroot so the next batch will have to wait until I’ve had chance to replace it.


I think I mentioned in a previous blog post that I had recently discovered the joy of knitting podcasts. This week I wanted to share a few of my favourites with you. They are all available through iTunes and they are mostly British ones although one American one has sneaked in there.
– Knit, spin, cake
– Stitched Together
– Yarns from the plain
– Knitting in circles (video podcast)

The reason I like them is because they all seem to be quite information heavy, I always have a pen and some paper next to me when I am listening to them so I can jot down details of yarns, fibres, patterns etc. Yes I know I could look all the information up in the show notes that go with the podcasts but I will forget so its easier to jot them down as I go along. I currently have a huge list of projects that I need to go look up on Ravelry – perhaps having a list will stop me getting side tracked and spending hours drooling over things I will never knit…


Baking this week has been all about bread (well ok there was another courgette cake thrown in as well but as it was gone in about 30 seconds it doesn’t really count). As Crafty Baby is now 6 months old and showing a massive amount of interest in real food we decided to start baby led weaning with her. The basic premise is that you give babies real food right from the start of the weaning process, rather than the painstakingly prepared purees and other faffy mushy things. I was all for giving her a chip as her first food stuff but my OH asked for something a little bit more middle class (secretly I was glad about this as it meant I didn’t have to share my chips) so Crafty Baby ended up with some homemade rosemary and garlic focaccia and some courgette cake whilst listening to Jacques Brel.

baby focaccia

She loved it, the same went for the Yorkshire pudding the next night. Unfortunately we have had less success with the vegetables but its all good messy fun as far as she is concerned.


I popped up to the allotment quickly this morning to see what was ready for picking and came home with the first of this year’s sweetcorn. Looking forward to corn on the cob for tea tonight, not looking forward to peeling the outer leaves off and finding earwigs like I did last year *shivers*

On the way home I found this;

leopard slug

Much as I dislike slugs I did have to warm to this one purely for the leopard print, much nicer than the big fat ones I normally find at the allotment.


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Interested in all things crafty, I knit, spin, sew, crochet, quilt, grow my own and bake (although the baking these days is all allergy friendly) and I try and blog about all these things. I also host a bi-weekly podcast on incorporating slow living into all my crafty adventures
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