Quickly, the baby is asleep, cast on all the things

My routine has been totally blown away over the last few weeks, between crafty baby just being herself and my OH changing his shift pattern its all gone a bit wonky. I’m hoping that normal service will resume shortly and I’ll be back to staying up late enjoying a bit of me time knitting, spinning or just watching drivel on iplayer. In the mean time I am trying to make the most of crafty baby’s nap times to fit in all the me time I can. I should perhaps point out that she doesn’t really nap that often or for very long, this is much to my sister’s confusion. Almost from CB’s birth she has been asking when her scheduled nap times are, my “erm, whenever she falls asleep” is apparently not the right answer. Anyway, on to the knitting.

On the needles:

I am almost finished on the Maeva sweater for the Stitched Together Crafting Library KAL (#STCLKAL), I have officially cast off all I have to do now is sew up the sleeves and weave in the ends. If I ever needed proof that swatching pays off this jumper is it. it fits me better than any of my hand knits ever have before and I absolutely love it. In my head I have already started planning for making about 7 more in different colour schemes with slight tweaks on the Fair Isle pattern on the yoke, how many of these actually happen is another thing but at the moment it is my latest obsession*


Technically I do have an off the needles/ FO but as I only have a progress picture of it so far its staying in this section for now, and that project is the Sockhead hat by Kelly McClure. This is fabulous mindless knitting, I even managed to do it walking down the street last week and watching Game of Thrones on DVD without making any mistakes. I really like the wool too (but I can’t get to the ball band without waking crafty baby so details of it will have to wait until my next post) its only a cheap one but it feels nice and those stripe repeats help with that “just one more row” or in this case “just one more repeat” drive.

sock head

It was such a quick and easy enjoyable knit that this morning I cast on a second one in bright pink, although this time I am going to add a textural element to the plain stocking stitch section as I think it could look a bit too flat in a solid colour way.

I joined another KAL, once I tried one I got a bit hooked and quite frankly if I found others to join I’d probably be signing up to those as well. This one is linked to the Caithness Craft Collective Podcast and based on the designs of Natalie Servant, details can be found here I picked the Weeping Willow hat as I loved the pattern on it but wait it gets better, this hat is reversible! It also meant learning a new technique – double knitting/ double layered knitting. The pattern does give really helpful instructions on the technique but for those of you who like a more visual guide Very Pink Knits does a good tutorial. It started well and I seemed to be flying along until I actually looked back at the chart, it seems I had just been making it up as I went along as I’d skimmed it and thought “ah yes I can just do this for 3 rows and then look at the pattern again”, this was not the case and will teach me to pay more attention! I may have to write the pattern out long hand, normally I can work equally well from charts or written instructions but as each square on the chart represents a pair of stitches not just one stitch it can get a bit confusing.

weeping willow


I have a couple of balls of wool next to me on the sofa as I type this as I was hoping to get a few more projects cast on whilst CB is asleep but I have a feeling that might be pushing it a bit. Waiting to be cast on I have a lace weight triangular scarf for my mum (more Christmas knitting) using Schoppell Lace Ball in the Brombeeren colourway and some fingerless mitts in the 4ply mini skein mountain that I still have from Colinette. Before I cast them on though I really should sit down with my stitch dictionaries and work out a pattern for each of them.

A short and sweet post this time as Crafty Baby is beginning to stir and I want to get this finished before she wakes up.

* All obsessions subject to sudden change in the event of spending time on Ravelry.


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Interested in all things crafty, I knit, spin, sew, crochet, quilt, grow my own and bake (although the baking these days is all allergy friendly) and I try and blog about all these things. I also host a bi-weekly podcast on incorporating slow living into all my crafty adventures
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