Doing a little happy dance in my brand new jumper

Its probably quite shallow of me but I get a ridiculous amount of joy out of finding an item of clothing that fits me well so this past week has had me grinning a fair bit. Not only did I get 2 really nice vintage dresses in an otherwise unsuccessful trip to Manchester, I also finished my Maeva jumper (by Marie Wallin from Rowan’s Nordic Tweed Collection) that I was knitting as part of the Stitched Together Crafting Library KAL and here it is.


As you can see I am very happy with it, it fits perfectly and I’m now just waiting for it to be cold enough to wear it. I knitted it out of Pattons Wool Blend DK and Wool Blend Aran instead of the suggested Rowan yarn but kept as close to the original colours as I could manage. I also made the following modifications to the pattern;

– lengthened the body by 12cm
– shortened the sleeve by 9cm to make it 3/4 length
– added waist shaping
– missed out the final section of Fair Isle on the yoke to make a lower neck line
– changed the roll neck/ polo neck for a boat neck (much more forgiving on my round face!)
– went down a needle size to get gauge on the main body section and 2 needle sizes on the Fair Isle section
– knitted the body in the round rather than flat in sections.

I’m so pleased with it that I have already been through my stash and found enough wool to make 1 possibly 2 more versions of it, the only thing stopping me from casting on immediately is that I know that as soon as I do I will ignore all my other knitting and only want to work on that which is not a good idea when I have contracting knitting to do and Christmas presents to make.

Off the needles:

I’ve already covered my favourite FO but this week I also finished the Sockhead hat I was working on as a Christmas present. I used Stylecraft Aviemore 4ply in the 1617 Blue/ Grey colourway, its 75% superwash wool and 25% nylon with 400m/438yrds per 100g. Here it is modelled quite reluctantly by my OH.

sockhead mark

I knitted it on a 16″ 3mm circular needle and the only change I made to the pattern was reducing the stocking stitch section of the hat to 8 inches rather than 9 inches. The pattern was really easy to follow and actually quite fun to knit – so much so I have cast on another version but more on that in a minute. Its just a shame that slouchy beanies really don’t suit me otherwise I’d be casting on one for myself as well.

On the needles:

As I mentioned I have another version of the sockhead hat on the needles, this time for my niece. I have some bright pink sock wool in my stash that I had originally bought for a project (which was later frogged) about 8 years ago so thought it was high time it got used. Given that the main body of the hat is in plain stocking stitch I thought it might look a bit flat in a solid colour so I added in a bit of texture (in the form of diagonal seed stitches) and it seems to have worked out really well so far.

pink sock head

The Weeping Willow hat is also still on the needles but making very slow progress, trying to read double knitting charts with a head cold is not to be recommended.


For the first time in months I have actually done some spinning! I thought it was about time I did as I keep buying fibre and just putting in the cupboard and forgetting about it. I chose to spin up a bag of the fibre I got a couple of weeks ago and got through 50g (2oz) on the drop spindle in 24 hours which for me is really good going, it did however leave me with some serious hand cramp. Despite having to use my emergency spindle I’m really pleased with how it turned out. I have 4 of which 1 is my favourite that I use all the time but that already had spinning on it, 2 have a notch at the top for securing the yarn rather than a hook but I have gone off these so they are relegated to the back of the cupboard until I can get some hooks to attach to them and then there is the emergency one which has a hook at the top but is also a top whorl and made out of a bit of dowel and some old CDs.

It went from this:


to this:


I have the same again to spin and then I am going to attempt to ply the two together in opposite directions to get barber poling but I’m not looking forward to this as my attempts at plying recently have left a lot to be desired.

Upcoming/ Planning:

In this section on my last post I mentioned that I was planning on using some Colinette mini skeins to make some mittens and to this end I diligently swatched and cast on earlier this week. In the first version I tried added some cable sections but they just seemed to get lost as the wool was too variegated for them to show up properly. In the second version I realised I had started the thumb gusset increases way too early and that in reality there wasn’t enough in 1 skein of yarn to make a pair of mittens and I didn’t fancy using 2 and working out a striping pattern. So, I now have 2 options, I can either use them to make socks and mittens for Crafty Baby or I can put them towards a patchwork knitted blanket along with my left over sock wool from various other projects.

The lace weight scarf suffered a similar fate, I started knitting it bottom up but then decided that’s not how I wanted it so I ripped it all back out again. I now have an idea in my head for a side to side construction that will hopefully look better.

This week I bought some wool for another Christmas project which I hope to cast on soon. Its the Pavone hat by Woolly Wormhead from the Hatopia collection. I may even cast on the Traversa hat for me as well if I’ve got enough yarn in my stash to do it.

Hmm, it seems my desire to cast on all the things is still going strong and showing no signs of calming down, in which case I had better get back to the knitting.


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