Lost in a sea of moss stitch

It seems going a bit la la over knitwear runs in the family, my evidence;

1) one of my little brothers text me a series of pictures of a man he had been stalking round the airport because he liked the jumper he was wearing and wanted to know what stitch it was knitted in.

2) crafty baby has spent a good chunk of this morning waving knitwear at the computer screen whilst babbling along with The Knit Girllls podcast – she is only 7.5 months old! I can see her being a secret stash raider as soon as she is old enough to hold a pair of needles.

On the needles:
This week the only thing I have been working on is a test knit for the person I do contract knitting for and its been interesting in both good and bad ways. I’m knitting a cardigan with a really interesting construction, it is pretty much seamless which is always a nice change and it has been my first time knitting a picot hem and using a provisional crochet cast on but it has also meant knitting what felt like miles and miles of moss/ seed stitch and I hate moss stitch with a passion. Don’t get me wrong, I think it looks lovely once its finished its just the knitting of it that drives me crackers, its so slow and repetitive. I’ve had to promise myself some treat knitting once I’ve finished it, I may even have to buy myself a new pattern as a reward*

Currently sitting quietly on the kitchen window sill is a jar of bright purple liquid, its been there for a few weeks and may well be there for a couple more. Its one of my solar dye experiments, I used some of the outer leaves of one of our red cabbages from the allotment that would normally just have gone in the compost bin. I chopped them up finely and put them in a jar of water and left it outside in the sunshine for a few weeks until the colour had transferred to the liquid. I then strained it and put the liquid back in the jar and added some fleece and some vinegar to set the colour. I’m itching to crack open the jar and see what it looks like and how well the dye has taken but I know the longer I leave it the better the colour will set so I just have to be patient for a little while longer.

I’ve signed up for another KAL! I’m very excited about this one as its for the Knitting in Circles podcast (I am a little bit in love with Aimee and Darren they are just so sweet!) and it will serve a purpose too. Its a sock KAL and I have signed up for it in the hope that it will actually force/ encourage me to finish a pair of socks for my OH. It starts on the 1st November so I’m hoping they will be done in time for me to be able to given them to him for Christmas. It will use a couple of new to me patterns and techniques but I will go into more detail on those in my next blog post.

Its the season of the pie! I have already eaten my first mince pie of the year, in fact I ate a box full! Much as I enjoy home made mince pies there is just something about the stodge factor on shop bought ones that I cannot resist. I am now banned from buying any more until at least December because if they are in the house they will very quickly be in my mouth and ultimately on my hips as well!

In terms of actual baking its been all about the savoury pie. My OH requested a butter pie, yes you heard that correctly a butter pie. Apparently its a Lancashire thing, its a short crust pastry case filled with sliced potatoes, onion and a decent amount of butter. I have to admit it was pretty nice and was much tastier than its limited ingredients might lead you to believe. I know full well I will be getting requests for more of these and whilst I will be happy to eat them I would much rather have a homity pie.

As the weather gets wetter and colder the allotment starts winding down for the year. Most of the crops have now been picked, all that seems to be left are the brassicas and the leeks so its a question of tidying up the plot and putting it to bed for the winter. My OH has done most of the hard work, digging up fruit bushes etc but I’ve been busy too sewing Hungarian rye grass as a green manure in the beds that we wont be working again until next spring. In the next couple of weeks we really need to make time to plant the garlic for next year and the spring flowering bulbs that we bought over a month ago but then its time for a well earned rest until early in the new year.

* I have of course already spent hours on Ravelry picking out the said pattern as a way of avoiding knitting any more moss stitch so I’m not really sure I really deserve it any more.


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Interested in all things crafty, I knit, spin, sew, crochet, quilt, grow my own and bake (although the baking these days is all allergy friendly) and I try and blog about all these things. I also host a bi-weekly podcast on incorporating slow living into all my crafty adventures
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