Bad blogger

I hate to think how long it is since I actually last posted on my blog but I am totally blaming the baby (and maybe a little bit of me being lazy). The reasons crafty baby is to blame are that she decided for a couple of weeks that she no longer needed day time naps, possibly as a result of my OH being on leave from work and her being nosey about what was going on. Secondly she has been trying to walk and whilst I am a very proud mum as she is only 9 months old I have spent a large amount of time herding her away from even more things than I normally would or picking her up off the floor after she has fallen over – laminate flooring and an unsteady baby in tights do not mix well!

In amongst all this baby wrestling I have squeezed in a fair bit of knitting though. This year I started my Christmas gift knitting in August but instead of being sensible and starting early and just working on a few projects for special people I thought “ooh I’ve started early that means I can knit even more things” which resulted in me still having 16 projects to work on from the 1st December. With a week to go until Christmas I have 5 left to finish, 3 of which are officially on the needles so they count as being almost finished…right?

Pictures of all my finished Christmas knitting will have to wait until next week just in case any members of my family are reading this, which I doubt but you never know.

The only other thing I wanted to share in this post is a review of the latest edition of Spin Off magazine. Its the Winter 2013 edition and landed in my post box last week.


I’ve subscribed to Spin Off for the last 18 months and as a general rule find it a really interesting read, this issue was no exception. This issue’s special focus was on unusual fibres and whilst I’m not sure I’d ever spin some of them (I’m thinking specifically on chinchilla here!) its good to know that there is more out there than merino alone!

The section on judging hand spun fibres got me thinking more about what I spin, I’m not saying I’m suddenly going to start entering spinning competitions (for a start I have no idea where I would even find one to enter in the UK) but the criteria by which competition yarn is judged gave some useful pointers about how I could improve my spinning for personal use, and also for charting the progress I make in my spinning abilities.

One negative is the number of advertisements in the issue, probably no more than any other magazine but when I mostly ready books (with no adverts) any break in the content for an advertisement seems a little excessive. However unlike in fashion magazines where the adverts hold no interest for me at least the adverts in spin off are for things that I might actually choose to buy, and covet and drool over. Luckily they seem to be primarily American companies (as its a magazine from the US) which means that my bank balance remains unscathed – please do not mention online sales and international shipping to me, I’m pretending neither exist for the sake of my finances.

My favourite article in this issue was “The Ferral Spinner” which is about a woman who knitted a pair of socks from yarn she had spun whilst walking across Wales, the yarn was made up of random tufts of fleece that she found out on the hills and fences as she was walking. One of the reasons I loved this article so much is that I am certainly guilty of collecting up little tufts of fleece that I see snagged on barbed wire fences or in fields (I even have some from one of my own trip to Wales) but mostly these just sit in my craft room looking a bit grubby whilst I wonder what to do with them. Now I know, with very little preparation and the aid of a “twiggy spindle” – essentially what looks like a Turkish spindle made from 5 twigs, I could be spinning them in to yarn before I even get back to the campsite. I’m looking forward to giving it a try.


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Interested in all things crafty, I knit, spin, sew, crochet, quilt, grow my own and bake (although the baking these days is all allergy friendly) and I try and blog about all these things. I also host a bi-weekly podcast on incorporating slow living into all my crafty adventures
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2 Responses to Bad blogger

  1. empress27 says:

    The first wool I ever spun from raw fleece was from fleece I had found on a hedge one day. A great big clump of it! I keep seeing clumps of wool in the fields and just wish I could go in and gather it all up!

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