Resolution update – its going surprisingly well considering…

As I was sitting eating my second breakfast (I really do have a valid excuse for being such a glutton) earlier on this morning I was wondering what to post about this week and I thought it was about time I gave a full update on where I’m up to with my 2014 knitting resolutions. At first glance I suspected the answer may well be “not doing very well at all” but then when I unpicked them a bit further I realised I’m not doing too bad, provided that I am allowed to double dip a number of projects and count them in more than one category.

Here goes;

1) operate a 2 out 1 in policy for yarn and spinning fibre

So far this year I have knitted or crocheted a total of 1400g (56oz – I think although my maths may be wrong on that) of yarn and spun 270g of fibre. Offset against this I have only bought 200g of yarn, this was specifically for the baby blanket I made for my friend so it came in to stash and went back out again within the same week. Even better, I haven’t bought any fibre at all, this may well be because I have been avoiding my local yarn store where most of my fibre temptation comes from rather than any kind of real self control on my part.

2) knit 2 sweaters

Erm, ok this one might not be going very well as I haven’t even started on 1 sweater yet. Given my current situation it is unlikely that I will be knitting any sweaters for myself this year but I may get chance to knit or more likely crochet something for Crafty Toddler or another baby so I’m keeping this on but preparing to cheat and count baby knits towards this resolution.

3) knit 3 pairs of socks

Still only on 2 pairs of baby socks so far this year, with the 2 single socks part started still in hibernation but I do have a long hospital appointment with much waiting around coming up in a couple of months so I might get some more work done on them then as I don’t have to take Crafty Toddler with me so will have free hands for knitting.

4) knit something with my handspun yarn (letting it sit on a shelf looking pretty is not doing it justice)

DONE – I knitted my Hitchhiker scarf back in March.

5) process at least part of the full merino fleece that my MIL gave me in 2012

This is still sitting in my crafting cupboard but I’m hoping that as the weather improves I’ll be able to spend some time in the back yard carding some of the fleece I dyed last year.

6) make more things for crafty baby/ toddler

DONE – so far this year I have made her 2 pairs of socks, a shrug, a crochet blanket and a poncho. I think that I will probably add to this list over course of the rest of the year as well.

7) arrange a KAL with my mum

DONE – double dipping with the hitchhiker scarf on this one.

8) knit something else from my crafting library

DONE – the poncho I made for Crafty Toddler a couple of weeks ago was a pattern from Cute and easy crocheted baby clothes by Nicki Trench that has been in my crafting library for about 18 months. Strictly speaking when I originally set this goal I did have something bigger in mind – i.e. a garment for me but it all counts right?

9) make a baby item for my friend who is expecting her baby in May

DONE – the crocheted rainbow ripple blanket I finished a few weeks ago after she had an earlier than expected delivery.

10) knit more fair isle

A girl can dream!

11) make sure I write down details for patterns I improvise and post some of them on the blog

I haven’t had a massive amount of time for improvising patterns over the last few months, certainly a lot less than I had hoped for so I’ve only posted 1 pattern recipe on the blog so far. I do have a couple of sock recipes/ patterns that I could post but they need a few tweaks before they are ready to go.

So, just over 4 months in to the year and I have made progress on if not completed all but 2 of the 11 resolutions/ goals. I’m really quite pleased with this and think being realistic when I set them helped a lot.


About themanyknitsofnadine

Interested in all things crafty, I knit, spin, sew, crochet, quilt, grow my own and bake (although the baking these days is all allergy friendly) and I try and blog about all these things. I also host a bi-weekly podcast on incorporating slow living into all my crafty adventures
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