The unexpected benefits of being a little bit anti-social

You may have noticed that I missed posting to the blog last week, this was because for once I actually had a social life – by which I mean there was much nattering, cake eating and tea drinking! Most weeks I have a fairly predictable routine with Crafty Toddler which in theory leaves me a small amount of free time for crafting and blogging but as last week was half term friends and family decided it was a perfect time to catch up. Whilst it was lovely having a good old gossip and Crafty Toddler was over the moon about seeing Nanna and Big Grandad it didn’t leave much time for crafty pursuits. The nearest I got to any knitting or crochet was talking about it to my mum whilst stuffing my face with the homemade shortbread she had brought with her.

So far this week though I have been decidedly anti-social, hunkering down at home with Crafty Toddler and enjoying the time this freed up for yarn related play.

Mostly I have been working on a second version of the crochet shawl I made a few weeks ago, I had planned on having it finished by now but I’ve just got the border to finish and then I’ll post a picture of the finished shawl. This time round however I did take the time to write down the pattern for it as I went along so hopefully once I’ve got a few decent pictures of the finished shawl (and the poncho) I’ll have a couple of patterns to post up on here.

I may have done a bit of yarn and fibre buying too, still within the stash down criteria though so I’m not feeling too guilty. During my busy social week I had a trip to Woolyknit to meet up with a friend, as well as having some delicious gluten free chocolate cake I also spotted the fibre bargain bin had been restocked. I’ve mentioned in previous posts that I am a total sucker for this, 100g of dyed merino top for £1.50 in a mix of colours. Sometimes the colour mixes can be a bit random but I think this just adds to the fun of seeing what they spin up like. Here are the two packs I got this time round.


I have to confess though that whilst I was looking in my crafting cupboard to get them out to take pictures to add to here I did notice that a significant number of the bags of fibre in my cupboard were variations on a forest green theme all bought at different times but all very, very similar!

Speaking of fibre my younger brother was hoping to get his flock of sheep sheared this week so I may have even more fleece heading my way. With this fleece overload in mind I have been toying with the idea of buying a spinning wheel – something which I have yet to mention to my OH as I’m not sure he will be enthusiastic about the idea. My budget and free space mean that I can only really look at Ashford Kiwis so I would be really interested to hear if anyone out there has one and whether they enjoy using them.

The yarn I bought this week was in preparation for Christmas gift knitting, I know its not even July yet but as I’ve not been getting much knitting time of late I thought the earlier I started the more likely I was to actually finish some of the items I had planned. A few weeks ago my OH asked if I would knit his mother some socks for Christmas so I got him to pick out some yarn and plan on casting on for them on one of the many car journeys we have scheduled for the next few weeks. I also ordered some sock yarn for a gift for my brother too, its single ply which I’m not keen on but I really liked the colour gradient so I thought I’d risk it.


One final note, I am one step closer to accomplishing my goal to knit 3 pairs of socks this year as I have finished the first of the crochet socks I was working on. Here it is;



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