It seems that I have created a monster!

No I am not referring to either of my delightful children, although the older one is prone to temper tantrums and projectile vomiting at present so you could be mistaken for thinking I was. I am actually talking about the infectious nature of spinning.

Last year I bought one of my younger brothers a drop spindle and rather annoyingly he was a natural at it straight from the off. Next I showed my Mum how to use one and she was quite interested but busy playing hostess at a family gathering so didn’t pay as much attention as she should have done and forgot how to do it. However last week I was talking to her one the phone and asked if she wanted me to spin up some mystery fibre she had found (don’t ask!) or whether she wanted to do it herself, I fully expected her to ask me to do it but it seems that she would like to learn how to do it herself. Lightbulb moment for an excellent Christmas present idea for her – a drop spindle kit from Hilltop Cloud. That is now 2 members of my family infected with the spinning bug. Yesterday I spoke to my Dad and he just casually dropped in to conversation that he had been looking at a second hand Ashford Traditional wheel and was thinking about buying it for himself – bit of a curve ball as he hadn’t previously mentioned wanting to learn how to spin but he has been impressed by all the yarn I’ve been spinning up and it seems that has inspired him to have a go. With 3 members of my family now bitten by the bug it looks like I may well have to share the fleeces from my brother’s sheep rather than having them all to myself.

As for what I have been spinning, well its rather a lot since I last posted about it actually. I had a mad push on towards the end of my pregnancy and since Crafty Baby 2 arrived spinning is the craft that I have found it easiest to pick up in the few spare moments here and there between Mummy duties. Here is what I’ve managed to spin recently.


No bad going I thought! Starting from left to right we have;

– 100g, 2ply fingering weight yarn, 50% merino/ 50% mystery long wool

– 50g, single ply, fingering weight yarn, wool/bamboo/soy blend

– 100g, 2 ply, sport weight yarn, Norwegian top

all three of these were spun on my wheel.

– 2 ply, heavy lace weight yarn, 50% merino (from my MIL’s sheep processed and dyed by me)/ 50% BFL (this is the white ply in the yarn)

– as above but green, these 2 were spun on one of my drop spindles

– the remaining 4 were spun on my new 3D printed mini Turkish spindle (from Turtle Made on Etsy) and are 20g (total for the 2 blue skeins) 2 ply heavy lace weight, superwash merino and nylon blend, 15g, 2 ply heavy lace weight, oatmeal BFL in the Dark Horse colourway, 15g, 2ply heavy lace weight, superwash Wensleydale in the Plumage colourway. All these were samples from Fondant Fibre  * and were a delight to spin – partly due to the wool soak she uses which makes them smell gorgeous!

Oh and I almost forgot about the fibre I spun which accidentally matched the yarn I was knitting with!


This was a deliberately thick and thin yarn (because the fibre was compacted so I didn’t have much option if I didn’t want to re-process the fibre) but overall about an Aran weight, 2 ply, 100% merino about 130g.

With all these gorgeous skeins flying off the bobbins I really need to start thinking about what I am going to knit with them, they can’t all just live in my craft room looking pretty!

* Note to self – do not get distracted whilst adding link to blog post drooling over fibre and almost end up buying some!


About themanyknitsofnadine

Interested in all things crafty, I knit, spin, sew, crochet, quilt, grow my own and bake (although the baking these days is all allergy friendly) and I try and blog about all these things. I also host a bi-weekly podcast on incorporating slow living into all my crafty adventures
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