Stuck in a colour loop

A couple of months ago I posted a picture showing how I had accidentally matched the colours in one of my spinning projects with the colours in one of my knitting projects. Well it seems that I have done it again this time with a crochet project and some socks I have on the needles.

clown socks frog blanket

Not as obvious from a distance as it is close up but they both consist of a mix of red, blue, yellow and green. The socks are knit using some King Cole Zig Zag and the blanket is crocheted using some very random yarn given to me by my MIL (King Cole Sundae – 100% nylon, colour 524) which I had tried to knit into various blankets but they just hadn’t worked so I decided to just plough through a giant granny square with it to make a quick blanket for Crafty Toddler.

Last week I spoke about wanting to knit the Milo vest for Crafty Toddler and Crafty baby and rather impressively I have even managed to make a start on this, casting one on for Crafty Toddler for her birthday on Monday. I’m using seriously vintage stash for this, it’s the left overs from making Crafty Baby’s crochet dress last month that used stash fom when I was about 17 (almost 19 years ago!).



For Christmas I told one of my friends (a very new knitter) that I would spin here some yarn as part of her present. She was  very excited by this and very happy to pick out the fibre colours from out local yarn store. She picked a blend of 4 shades of purple merino which I plied with an undyed bfl single. It came out at a 4ply/ fingering weight and I got 500m from 200g. I gave one skein to her and kept the other one for myself so we can have co-ordinating projects at some point in the future.

mystic purple

When loading the picture above in to my handspun projects of Ravelry I noticed that I seem to have a colour loop when it comes to handspun too. I’d say roughly 80% of my handspun stash is either purple or green. I have no idea how this happened as it wasn’t intentional, a large chunk of my yarn stash is purple too. What makes this even more strange is that I rarely wear purple, I am much more likely to wear blue or brown, colours which are present in my fibre stash but not yet spun!

Speaking of brown I finally finished the socks of doom! These things have been on my needles in one form or another for 3 years!  I originally cast them on a birthday gift for my OH but hated the pattern I started with and found the yarn very dull to work with, clearly I need bright colours to speed me through a sock project or at the very least strips so I can see progress. Last year I recast them on using my second time lucky pattern and got up to the toe on the first sock but then put them to the side again in favour of more exciting projects.

socks of doom

I can’t even blame the fact that my OH has big feet as I have knitted him at least 3 pairs of socks whilst these have been on the needles it clearly is all down to the yarn, very specifically the colour of the yarn. So, whilst I am more likely to wear brown clothes it seems I have a problem knitting with brown yarn, looks like I am going to have to find someone to knit this for me. Perhaps I can come to an arrangement with my Mum, she is the right age to wear all this purple yarn I have in my stash (as per the  poem Warning by Jenny Joseph).


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Interested in all things crafty, I knit, spin, sew, crochet, quilt, grow my own and bake (although the baking these days is all allergy friendly) and I try and blog about all these things. I also host a bi-weekly podcast on incorporating slow living into all my crafty adventures
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