Resolution update

Now that we are already on the third month of 2015 I thought that it would be a good time to reflect on where I had got up to with my crafting resolutions/ goals for this year. Is it time to start to panic and knit like the wind or can I sit back, put my feet up and do nothing but drink tea for the rest of the year?

1. continue with posting my improvised patterns/ designs

So far this year I have written up and posted 1 pattern on my blog (no Ravelry projects as yet this year) and I have another 2 pencilled in for the coming months. In case you missed it the pattern was for a poncho and I posted it mid January.
2. operate a 4 out 1 in policy on yarn (I’m making no promises at all about fibre!)

So far I have knitted or crocheted 1675g of yarn and bought … nothing! Yes you read that right, so far this year I haven’t bought any yarn. Given that this is the case I have no idea why my yarn stash is still over flowing. I know I didn’t make any promises about fibre but I thought it would be sensible to keep a tally just for the record, fibre in 850g, fibre out 570g. Not too horrendous, I just need to stop looking at most of my instagram feeds to ensure that temptation doesn’t lead me more astray on this.
3. More colour work

Nothing yet.
4. Learn new knitting techniques

January saw me complete my first top down raglan sweater (well 4 actually by the end of it!) and do my first not entirely successful chain ply on my spinning wheel. February was about casting on techniques and I taught myself how to do an Italian cast on and a cable cast on using my trusty Montse Stanley book The Handknitter’s Handbook.
5. Make more things for crafty toddler and crafty baby

I’m doing quite well with this one and don’t feel like such a selfish knitter anymore. So far for Crafty Toddler I have made 3 sweaters, a vest and a blanket. Crafty Baby isn’t doing quite so well, she only has a sweater and a dress so far but she is next on the list for a knitting project so I’ve no doubt things will even out soon.
6. Make more things from my existing craft library (paper and digital)

The cadence sweater I finished for me in January was a free pattern from Knitty that I printed off mid 2014. The 3 Ladybird sweaters for the girls were from a book I’d had in my real life craft library since early 2014. The crochet dress was from a book I’d had since Christmas 2012. \finally the milo vest pattern was from Ravelry and had been in my digital library since late 2014.
7. Knit at least 4 pairs of socks from my existing sock yarn stash

I finally finished the socks for my other half that had been on the needle for 3 years and immediately cast on another pair for me. I’m 2/3 of the way through the first sock but then put them away whilst I concentrated on a few birthday knits.
8. Finish my 2 sweater WIPs and make 1 more adult sized sweater

I finished one of my sweater WIPs from last year – the Cadence sweater and did a couple of inches on the sleeve of my second sweater but then that got put in to hibernation whilst I concentrated on easier projects that I could cope with at the same time as wrangling children.
9. Keep better Ravelry notes for knitting and spinning projects

At this moment in time my Ravelry notes are up to date for recent projects and WIPs as far as knitting and crochet are concerned, I still need to add my current spinning WIP but I’m pretty much on top of this one. The only reason I am though is because I have been putting my time to good use during night feeds with crafty baby.
10. Spin 8 new to me types of fibre

Out of the merino, bfl and gotland that I have spun so far this year only the gotland is new to me. I must try harder with this one, I have the fibre in stash I just get side tracked with pretty/ colourful packs of merino that I have an abundance of in my stash.

Overall I think I can be pretty pleased with myself but there is still plenty to keep me occupied during the rest of the year.


About themanyknitsofnadine

Interested in all things crafty, I knit, spin, sew, crochet, quilt, grow my own and bake (although the baking these days is all allergy friendly) and I try and blog about all these things. I also host a bi-weekly podcast on incorporating slow living into all my crafty adventures
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