Permission to be a selfish knitter.

Last week my OH had a rather big birthday and I wanted to celebrate it in woolly style. I decided I would make him a new knitted sweater but as he is quite fussy I thought the best course of action was to involve him in the process from the start, choosing the pattern, picking the colours and yarn etc.

Come the morning of his birthday I was very excited (the prospect of going on a yarn buying spree to complete the said sweater had a lot to do with it) the crafty girls gave him their presents and I gave him the socks I’d knitted just so he had something to open on the day. I then told him of my plan for his birthday sweater, the expression on his face told me something was wrong. I explained that he could pick the colours and style and we could base it on the size and shaping of a shop bought sweater that he has and likes wearing. Still the worried face, by this point my excitement about knitting him something was fading. I eventually got him to tell me that he didn’t really need another sweater and that he didn’t want me to spend all my spare time knitting something for him as surely there was something better I could be doing with my time.  Not sure he understands that knitting something for someone I love is one of THE BEST uses of my spare time. Needless to say I was a bit upset about it but decided that this was him giving me permission to be a totally selfish knitter and spend all my time making things for myself instead*.

I managed to make a good start on the selfish use of my time a few days ago on a car journey up to the in-laws.

As the girls slept most of the way I got myself settled in to the back of the car with a cup of coffee, the latest issue of Spin Off, some sock knitting and some violet flavoured gluten free shortbread**.


The edition of Spin Off was a particularly good read as it dealt with how to combine all those lovely 100g  braids of fibre you have in your stash which aren’t really big enough to make anything other than socks or shawls on their own. It did however leave me with a sense of wanderlust talking about Shetland Wool Week and Travel Tours for Knitters and Spinners – maybe once the girls have grown up.

Finished Objects:

March seems to have mostly been the month of birthday makes so far, finished objects include;

A Milo for Crafty Toddler

birthday milo

The Socks of Doom for my OH

socks of doom

A crochet bikini for my little sister, which she totally rocked with her newly purple hair and some 70s styling in the way that only a 21 year old can! If I’d have tried I would have failed and not just because breastfeeding has played havoc with my body!

bikini finished


A second Milo for Crafty Baby sing James C Brett Ripple yarn (55% wool, 42% acrylic, 3% polyamide) in shade H1

milo 2

Some vanilla socks for me using King Cole Zig Zag in the colour Rhapsody.

circus sock

Spinning some recycled sari silk on my drop spindle, this is a bit of a pain in the bum to spin as the fibres are so short in length. Even on my lightest spindle it wants to break regularly so I am resigning myself to spinning an art yarn with it.

sari silk

The Gotland wool I am spinning on my wheel, in contrast is beautiful and I think I may be in love with it just a little bit.


New Podcasts:

Recently I started to get a bit bored of some of the knitting podcasts I was subscribed to, for no other reason than they tended to keep referring to the same yarns or fibre companies over and over again, most of which are American and I wouldn’t be able to afford the shipping to try them so I started looking around for other things to watch/ listen to and here is what I found;

Woolful – audio podcast on iTunes, very informative and really makes you think about a whole range of topics.

Fluffy Fibres – on Youtube as a videocast but also iTunes as an audio podcast. Presented by a French lady (in English) living in France.

Mandarines – on youtube as a video cast presented by Melodie a French woman living in Latvia.

A Wee Bit Knitty on youtube as a video cast presented by Lena from Norway.

Stitch and Loop on youtube as a video cast presented by Dagny in Iceland.

There seems to be a bit of a pattern here in what I am currently knitting, do any of you find yourselves knitting the same patterns time and time again? Any podcasts recommendations would also be very welcome.

* As the crafty girls are just miniature carbon copies of me anything I knit for them is included in the knitting for me category.

** 200g gluten free plain flour, 150g butter softened, 100g sugar, 6-8 drops violet essence mix together to form a crumbly lump, squash into a round tin and roughly flatten, bake at 160c for 20-25 minutes.

About themanyknitsofnadine

Interested in all things crafty, I knit, spin, sew, crochet, quilt, grow my own and bake (although the baking these days is all allergy friendly) and I try and blog about all these things. I also host a bi-weekly podcast on incorporating slow living into all my crafty adventures
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2 Responses to Permission to be a selfish knitter.

  1. I LOVE the crotchet bikini, people constantly asked me to make those for them until I got tired of saying that I do not crochet. If only there was a knitted version…

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