Resolution Update – Part 2

Plague fumes and children’s germs continue to disrupt my knitting time so I thought I would have a round up of how I was getting on with my knitting goals for this year.

1. continue with posting my improvised patterns/ designs

So far this year I’m up to 2 published patterns on the blog, one of them (the slouchy hat)  is also linked to Ravelry. Unfortunately I have at least another 3 in progress that need to be finished off and added and a whole notebook full of design ideas that I want to start and at the moment no spare time to do them – unless I gave up knitting for pleasure and gift knitting. I can’t see me getting chance to add many more this year as my crafting time seems to be rather limited and when I do manage to squeeze some in having to think at the same time doesn’t seem to work.

2. operate a 4 out 1 in policy on yarn (I’m making no promises at all about fibre!)

Hmmm, not doing too well with this one, I have used up 3,450g but bought 2,150g my excuse is that the yarn I bought was designated for gift knits plus I do have 2 large projects on the needles that are almost finished as well as at least 5 smaller ones. This still only brings me up to about a 2out 1 in ration though. Perhaps I was being a tad optimistic.

3. More colour work

One of the designs I am working on using double knitting colour work.

4. Learn new knitting techniques

March saw me learning how to wind a centre pull ball and knitting from one of these for the first time, it also saw me teaching myself how to do double knitting.
5. Make more things for crafty toddler and crafty baby

Crafty Toddler got yet another blanket and Crafty Baby got a milo vest for when she is older, I really should start making things that fit her now as I seem to be a bit short on cardigans for her and it’s not warm enough for her summer wardrobe yet. I also started making things for my new nephew due in July, so far I have made a pair of socks, a blanket and some wash cloths.
6. Make more things from my existing craft library (paper and digital)

Nothing new this quarter.
7. Knit at least 4 pairs of socks from my existing sock yarn stash

I’m 2 pairs down with another pair finished bar the toe on the second sock and a single sock worked up in a 4th skein, pretty pleased with this or at least I would be if I hadn’t added at least another 600g of sock wool to my stash!
8. Finish my 2 sweater WIPs and make 1 more adult sized sweater

One down, the second jumper is worked up to the yoke with one complete sleeve but has languished in a corner for the last few months. I do however have an almost complete crochet sweater that I improvised which should count towards this goal.
9. Keep better Ravelry notes for knitting and spinning projects

Hmmm, possibly best if we skip over this one! But in the spirit of open and honest disclosure I have to admit that I am falling behind with this one. I had been keeping up to date with notes during night feeds in the early part of the year but Crafty Baby has been quite unsettled during the night due to her recent illness and ongoing diet related eczema problems which makes updating notes at 3am a bit more problematic.
10. Spin 8 new to me types of fibre

I’ve had a bit of time away from spinning recently trying to work out if it was the stray fibres that I ended up being covered in that were contributing to Crafty Baby’s skin problems but now that we have ruled that out I am getting back in to it again. New fibres on the wheel only extend as far as Manx Laughton which I am hating spinning, possibly because it came right after the Gotland which I loved so much. It drafts well but I don’t like the handle of the spun yarn or the groove that it wore in my finger whilst spinning it. On the drop spindle I’ve spun some recycled sari silk and just started on some seacell which I am excited about as I had a bit of a thing about seaweed as a teenager (coastal ecology geek – don’t judge me).

Not too shabby but still a way to go if I want to meet all my goals, the main barriers I see potential causing a problem are further bouts of illness from the children which given their germy nature is inevitable and…oh yes, my inability to stop buying yarn!


About themanyknitsofnadine

Interested in all things crafty, I knit, spin, sew, crochet, quilt, grow my own and bake (although the baking these days is all allergy friendly) and I try and blog about all these things. I also host a bi-weekly podcast on incorporating slow living into all my crafty adventures
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