Annual Welsh adventures

For the last three years we have taken a family holiday to Wales and stayed in a tepee. The area that we stay in is what inspired my Criccieth fingerless mitts pattern that I published last year. We were a bit later going this year and only just snagged the tepee before it was packed up for the winter.


Ever one for cutting things fine I finished seaming my holiday jumper the night before we went. I started this jumper when I was pregnant with crafty baby #2  but it got put into hibernation for a long time. I improvised the design based on a sweater I knitted a few years ago but changed the colour work section in the yoke. All you yarn snobs out there might want to look away now as it is 100% acrylic at its best/ worst knitted using some deep stash – at last 6 years old if not older.


I had of course taken several crafting projects with me to help pass the time on the 4 hour car journey and on the off chance that there was free time in the evening once the girls had gone to sleep. Very little got done on an evening – no spinning whilst wearing a head torch this year but I did sneak some in during the day. How is this for a perfect crafting spot?


Time during the day was spent walking along rocky beaches and braving paddling in the sea, although it must have been cold as my 2 year old refused to swim in the sea and normally there is no stopping her.


As the girls ae getting a bit older we tried a trip out on one of the steam trains that operates locally, the route we chose was the shortest one but as the girls’ first train trip it was quite a good one. Having said that Crafty Toddler did think the best bit about the trip was riding on the miniature electric train at the museum rather than on the steam train itself and Crafty Baby slept through the first half of the journey!


This year we discovered that the fantastic art deco style building that had been pretty derelict for the last 2 years had been renovated and turned in to a really stylish restaurant. This was really welcome news in itself but when we discovered that they made delicious gluten free pizza as well I decided it was some kind of miracle*.


Being the woolly geek that I am the trip would not have been complete without a bit of sheep spotting too!


*There are many things that I have had to give up or find gluten free alternatives to recently that I haven’t missed but my adventures and experiments with gluten free pizza have previously always been a very sad disappointment.


About themanyknitsofnadine

Interested in all things crafty, I knit, spin, sew, crochet, quilt, grow my own and bake (although the baking these days is all allergy friendly) and I try and blog about all these things. I also host a bi-weekly podcast on incorporating slow living into all my crafty adventures
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2 Responses to Annual Welsh adventures

  1. I went on a holiday to Wales a few years ago and we stayed in a teepee. It was the most amazing holiday. All the fun of camping but in total comfort with the double mattress, warm bedding and the amazing wood burning stove. We would love to go somewhere like that again, but it was pretty pricey and the only reason we felt justified in going there was because I’d won quite a lot of Experience Day vouchers and we splurged that year. I love Wales and haven’t been a while, maybe next Summer we can go again, even if we don’t stay in a teepee!

    • Luckily the place we stay is relatively cheap – although this is reflected in the lack of comfy bedding but at least this year it wasn’t as bad as last year, sleeping on a futon whilst pregnant is not for me! There is just something about a wood burning stove though. I hope you get to go again soon, we are already planning on next years’ trip especially as I noticed there is a woollen mill nearby that I seem to have missed on previous visits.

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