I recorded a vlog

Ready to face new challenges this year I decided to start a vlog/ podcast to sit alongside this blog. I hoped that it would enable me to be more frequent and consistent in my posting schedule and at the same time be more interactive with the wider crafting community.

I should perhaps add several caveats here, this is my first attempt at doing anything like this so please be nice. I know the video quality is not up to a professional standard but I am not a professional and these are my first steps in to the world of vlogging. If there is an audience out there for my kind of waffle then I may choose to invest in better quality equipment. If I forget to mention useful information in the vlog its probably because my brain turned to mush as soon as I turned the camera on – have a go yourself and see how strange it is.

Ok so enough preamble here it is Episode 1 of the Slow Crafting Podcast available via YoutTube as well.


About themanyknitsofnadine

Interested in all things crafty, I knit, spin, sew, crochet, quilt, grow my own and bake (although the baking these days is all allergy friendly) and I try and blog about all these things. I also host a bi-weekly podcast on incorporating slow living into all my crafty adventures
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