The world’s oldest WIP?

Over the last 12 months as we have been packing up the house bit by bit in preparation for moving to our forever home (with a brief sojourn to our summer home) I have ben discovering a whole host of works in progress/ unfinished objects that I had completely forgotten about.

I had cardigans that I had started but never finished for my oldest girl. These had been on the needles for nearly 4 years and just never got finished because she grew at such an alarming rate as a baby that by the time she was 3 months old she was already in 6-9 month old clothing. I couldn’t knit fast enough to keep up with her growth spurts.

I found a Kaffe Fassett pattern that I’d started 6 years ago that needed its own cardboard box to house it, a weedy project bag had no hope of containing the gargantuan coat or the 3.5kg of yarn needed to finish it. The pattern is the Romeo and Juliet Coat and it sits in time out with the two back panels and a third of one of the front panels completed. One day I may finish it although looking back over it I may well relegate it to dressing gown duties rather then wearing it out in public.

The final project I uncovered was a dress that I had started when I lived in Sheffield, this makes it at least 10 years old! Here it is;

Not the best picture but it is roughly an A-line dress with rounded neckline with key hole cut out down to mid bust level. All that needed doing to finish the dress was to insert the sleeves, take out the tacking stitches and hem the bottom. Surprisingly it still fits, 10 years is a long time when it comes to a woman’s body, I’ve even had 2 babies in that time so it is strange to think that despite periods of yo-yoing my body has remained overall a similar size. Quite why it has sat unloved in a suitcase for 10 years is beyond me. I find it all the more confusing because I have 3 more of these dresses which I wear all the time, admittedly for several years I only wore the black floral one I made but then after over dying a white version and a lilac version with green and brown dye respectively the other two have found a permanent place in my wardrobe too. I can only think I decided it was too pale for me to wear. As a dress this may be true but I plan on turning it in to a tunic to wear layered with other items. To do this all I need to do is bind the sleeve openings, cut a few inches off the bottom and hem it. Let’s see how long it takes me to get round to doing this.

All these hibernating makes got me thinking, is 10 years the oldest WIP ever or have any of you guys had projects languishing in cupboards even longer?


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Interested in all things crafty, I knit, spin, sew, crochet, quilt, grow my own and bake (although the baking these days is all allergy friendly) and I try and blog about all these things. I also host a bi-weekly podcast on incorporating slow living into all my crafty adventures
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2 Responses to The world’s oldest WIP?

  1. salpal1 says:

    I love that dress – I hope you are able to finish it and wear it soon! I no longer have a WIP older than that, but I did – a sweater I figured was 15-20 years old. It needed half of one sleeve. I ripped out the whole thing this summer, washed the yarn and knit a sweater with it this fall. Glad to have it in the wardrobe, not the upstairs closet. Much more useful!

  2. I think the strangest long term WIPs are those that are nearly finished when we abandon them, well done you for ripping it out and starting again.

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