Things I have learned from Me Made May 2019

Yes I know that May isn’t actually over yet but I have been thinking about the lessons Me Made May has taught me already so I thought I would take the time to share with you what I’d learned so far. Back in 2017 I wrote a blog post on the same theme and looking back at it now it seems that some things I should already have known but others are new so its good to know that I am not just stuck in a complete loop of repeating myself!

The things I have learned this time round;

  1. I am rubbish at keeping up with photo challenges – I think I managed 4 pictures out outfits this year before I decided I had more important things to do with my time. I didn’t even post any of those 4 to Instagram so I am a bit of a fail in that respect too!
  2. I don’t wear me made clothes everyday and that’s ok – sometimes it just doesn’t make sense to wear my me made clothes. If I am getting muddy and sweaty at the allotment or crawling around on my hands and knees putting toys away after a toddlers group then there is no point in me wearing my best clothes. From a sustainability/ slow fashion stand point though these outfits still have their benefits as most of the items I wear on these days have been in my wardrobe for over 5 years (often over 10 years) and a significant proportion are also second hand.
  3. Weather in the UK is unpredictable to say the least – a strappy sun top one day and full on bobble hat and woolly jumpers the next!
  4. Most of my me made clothes already fit into a clear colour pallet – This is the selection of colours I decided to work with at the end of last year after reading The Curated Closet by Anuschka Rees.
  5. Whilst the dresses I made last year are like wearing secret pyjamas they are not particularly flattering – don’t get me wrong they are incredibly comfortable they are just not “slimming”. Yes I know in the spirit of body positivity whether an outfit is slimming or not shouldn’t even be an issue but lets be honest some days it does actually matter to me. I either need to get over this obsession or at least avoid wearing such garments on days when I am over sensitive about such things, although those are probably the days when I could do with wearing the comfy over sized clothing so its a bit catch 22.
  6. I still live in my jogging bottoms – this is one of the things I wanted to get away from when I decided to increase my handmade wardrobe but I may just have to accept that there are days that these are the most practical form of clothing for what I am doing. I may have to investigate patterns for handmade versions for when my current shop bought ones give up the ghost completely.
  7. Most of my me made clothes are tops – ok there are a few more dresses now than there were last year but there are still hardly any bottoms, be they trousers or skirts. The reson behind this is that the tops and knitwear are more forgiving of changes in my weight either up or down so I can get most use out of them but I do need more separates in my wardrobe, I’m still reluctant to make fitted trousers though.
  8. I need more pockets in my me made outfits – a lot of the time when I reach for shop bought clothes over and above me made clothes is because they have pockets in and a woman needs pockets!
  9. I need more long skirts – because I can’t be bothered shaving my legs (and they are an easier fitting option than trousers and meet my need for more bottom half clothing).
  10. I need to research the options available for adjustable clothing – by which I mean properly adjustable not just over sized one size fits all. As a woman my body is always going to fluctuate in size and shape, even if it is just around my menstrual cycle so with a view to clothes that are sustainable and fit for purpose I need to have a more detailed think about how I can make clothes that account for these fluctuations.
  11. I keep being drawn to the clothes of my teenage years – I was a teenager in the 1990s and spent my time in long skirts, tie dye clothing and a lace up bodice top. I also wore over sized band t-shirts but I’m drawing the line at that! I keep finding myself thinking about these outfits and wanting to recreate them. I’m not sure what this actually says about me but I am choosing to see it in a positive light.
  12. Thigh chaffing is a nightmare! – Large thighs, hot weather and skirts/ dresses do not make for a comfortable combination. If you have skinny legs and have no idea what I am talking about then lucky you but if you have ever tried a million and one homemade interventions to stop yourself being in tremendous amounts of pain when the sun shines you know exactly where I am coming from. My solution is to invest in a pair of cycling shorts to wear under my skirts (when I have made them) really I want to make myself some bloomers but that might be pushing my eccentricities a tad too far!

About themanyknitsofnadine

Interested in all things crafty, I knit, spin, sew, crochet, quilt, grow my own and bake (although the baking these days is all allergy friendly) and I try and blog about all these things. I also host a bi-weekly podcast on incorporating slow living into all my crafty adventures
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3 Responses to Things I have learned from Me Made May 2019

  1. whip1up says:

    Have you tried coconut oil to help prevent chafing? It worked wonderfully for me.

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