Slow Crafting Podcast – Episode 5

Here is the latest instalment of the Slow Crafting Podcast where I seem to be working on ALL the things!

And here is the finished Joseph cardigan that I reference in the episode but had given away before recording.


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Craft Room Envy

Firstly I should just come right out and say it, I need to be banned from Pinterest! No good ever comes of me going on there, I either disappear into a black hole and only emerge hours later having spent my entire time looking at eco dyed fabric or I come away sulking because I have to share a house with other people and can’t just paint everything white (never really a practical colour where children are concerned) , have crochet throws all over the place or shun the white walls in favour of some boo/ Bedouin tent inspired bedroom.

My current bout of sulking is all about my craft room. Initially I got very excited when we made the big house move as it meant I would once again be able to have a craft room rather than having to squeeze my crafting supply into my oldest daughters bedroom. I had grand visions of a room perfectly organised, beautiful to look at and easy to find everything I needed. A quick search of Pinterest threw up images of the kind of thing I was after. For some reason I can’t insert the images I found but just head over there and search for craft rooms/ craft storage and a whole sea of beautiful images awaits you.

This on the other hand is what my craft room actually looks like, warts and all!


Not all my craft supplies are in here yet either, I still have a few boxes in storage and a couple of bags of fabric in the garage. Classy and stylish it certainly is not, please note the supermarket carrier bags to illustrate my point – you never see those on Pinterest!

In my defence this picture was taken shortly after we moved in when I hadn’t yet had chance to organise the space properly, this in itself will take months even if I didn’t have to fit it in around battling with toddlers it would be no easy task. It hasn’t changed much since, at least not on the surface and I suspect this is pretty much what it will always look like. So how do I quell the craft room envy that grows inside me? A starting point would be to remember these key things;

  1. In order to paint all the walls white I would first need to move all the junks that is in here!
  2. This room is the size of a shoe box not the large open plan studio space of my dreams.
  3. I have way more stuff than any of these storage ideas ever seem to have, spread across a significant number of crafts.
  4. On none of the Pinterest images does it appear that these fabulous craft rooms have to serve dual purpose with the coat and shoe storage, children’s toys, the ironing pile and a range of “as yet uncategorised unpacking”

Please tell me there are others of you out there with a craft room that looks like mine rather than the organised, stylish images in crafting magazines and on Pinterest.

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Slow Crafting Podcast – Episode 4

As I forgot to post this earlier in the week this episode is coming out later on the blog than it did on YouTube but it is here now. I talk about what happens when life gets in the way and forces you to speed up and how this impacts on my slow crafting endeavours.


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Slow Crafting Podcast – Episode 3

Slightly later than planned due to a rather complicated moving process and resultant lack of internet access but here it is, episode 3 of the Slow Crafting Podcast.


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Slow Crafting Podcast – Episode 2

I’m a day early with the podcast this time but it was either now or never as I am currently up to my eyeballs in packing up the house ready for the big move, hopefully at the end of the week.

I should probably warn you I waffle quite a bit this episode and I forget half the things I should be telling you but I am blaming it on the rush to record with the limited time I had available and having lurg induced brain fog. That said I do have some finished objects, some works in progress and a few upcoming plans to share with you so happy watching.

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The world’s oldest WIP?

Over the last 12 months as we have been packing up the house bit by bit in preparation for moving to our forever home (with a brief sojourn to our summer home) I have ben discovering a whole host of works in progress/ unfinished objects that I had completely forgotten about.

I had cardigans that I had started but never finished for my oldest girl. These had been on the needles for nearly 4 years and just never got finished because she grew at such an alarming rate as a baby that by the time she was 3 months old she was already in 6-9 month old clothing. I couldn’t knit fast enough to keep up with her growth spurts.

I found a Kaffe Fassett pattern that I’d started 6 years ago that needed its own cardboard box to house it, a weedy project bag had no hope of containing the gargantuan coat or the 3.5kg of yarn needed to finish it. The pattern is the Romeo and Juliet Coat and it sits in time out with the two back panels and a third of one of the front panels completed. One day I may finish it although looking back over it I may well relegate it to dressing gown duties rather then wearing it out in public.

The final project I uncovered was a dress that I had started when I lived in Sheffield, this makes it at least 10 years old! Here it is;

Not the best picture but it is roughly an A-line dress with rounded neckline with key hole cut out down to mid bust level. All that needed doing to finish the dress was to insert the sleeves, take out the tacking stitches and hem the bottom. Surprisingly it still fits, 10 years is a long time when it comes to a woman’s body, I’ve even had 2 babies in that time so it is strange to think that despite periods of yo-yoing my body has remained overall a similar size. Quite why it has sat unloved in a suitcase for 10 years is beyond me. I find it all the more confusing because I have 3 more of these dresses which I wear all the time, admittedly for several years I only wore the black floral one I made but then after over dying a white version and a lilac version with green and brown dye respectively the other two have found a permanent place in my wardrobe too. I can only think I decided it was too pale for me to wear. As a dress this may be true but I plan on turning it in to a tunic to wear layered with other items. To do this all I need to do is bind the sleeve openings, cut a few inches off the bottom and hem it. Let’s see how long it takes me to get round to doing this.

All these hibernating makes got me thinking, is 10 years the oldest WIP ever or have any of you guys had projects languishing in cupboards even longer?

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I recorded a vlog

Ready to face new challenges this year I decided to start a vlog/ podcast to sit alongside this blog. I hoped that it would enable me to be more frequent and consistent in my posting schedule and at the same time be more interactive with the wider crafting community.

I should perhaps add several caveats here, this is my first attempt at doing anything like this so please be nice. I know the video quality is not up to a professional standard but I am not a professional and these are my first steps in to the world of vlogging. If there is an audience out there for my kind of waffle then I may choose to invest in better quality equipment. If I forget to mention useful information in the vlog its probably because my brain turned to mush as soon as I turned the camera on – have a go yourself and see how strange it is.

Ok so enough preamble here it is Episode 1 of the Slow Crafting Podcast available via YoutTube as well.

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